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Hello I'm Charlie, and I'm a upcoming Games Developer!

I've recenely graduated university at NUA (Norwich University of the Arts) with a first (First Class), studying Games Development and now looking to join the Games industry. I'm fascinated by how games work and how even small changes can have a big impact on the gameplay. This interest extends to technology in general, and I love exploring new software, engines, components, and peripherals.

Throughout my course, I've learned various game design techniques and had the opportunity to work on exciting projects that have added to my game library. Collaborating with a team to create something special has been an incredible experience.

My go-to engine for game development is Unreal Engine 4, which I've spent a lot of time getting to know. While I'm skilled in Blueprint, I prefer using Rider or Visual Studio to write the code for my games. These tools offer more freedom and customization to create exactly what I envision. I'm familiar with HTML, JavaScript, C++, and CSS, and while I have a decent understanding of how they work, I'm eager to learn more coding languages to further enhance my abilities as a game developer.

Outside of my studies, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with fellow students and industry professionals to create games for game jams and events. Participating in these competitions has been loads of fun, and I enjoy not only showcasing my games but also playing and playtesting others' creations to see what works best.

When I'm not developing games, I'm an avid gamer myself. I love both new and classic games that inspire me to come up with my own unique ideas and style. Gaming has been a passion of mine since I was six, and I've explored a wide range of genres and franchises that have shaped my preferences and influenced my creative journey.

Here are some of my favourite game series:
  • God of war

  • Smash Bros

  • Overwatch

  • Pokemon

  • Paper Mario

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